Mr. Lil Bahadur Pun

Our dream is to extend new ideas and promote lifelong knowledge to keep the society updated. We struggle for creating a congenial learning environment in which all the learners from around the society are frequently challenged and stimulated to do their paramount realizable work. Angels’ Heart, a shrine of knowledge, has gained its reputation for creating an ideal community from where the students and scholars can peep into the universe of knowledge.

We are devoted to afford an interdisciplinary academic experience that transforms students to equip them for lifetime learning. We offer students the concepts and tools required to engage with issues of local and global concern to prepare professionals who are increasingly demanded for any sovereign country.

Right practice in right time makes a man prefect is our belief, schooling by making students enrollment more practical is our way and providing dynamic and skillful citizen to society for improvement of the nation is our ultimate happiness and the corridor of the expedition of this institution. Therefore, our institution always welcomes for all opinion, inspiration and brainwave from all respected guardians and well-wishers for the perfection of the institution.

 At Angels’ Heart Education Foundation, we offer our students a unique and exemplary standard of teaching and learning activities that focuses the overall development of their personality. For this, creative learning is emphasized. Hence, our website works as a platform to expose students’ efficiency, talents, caliber, creativity noble ideas  through writing and increases deep-rooted  literary capabilities to a better elevation.

I’ m indebted to my board members, staffs and faculty members for their untiring effort and also would like to extend my appreciation to all the members of Angels’ Mission Group.

Thank You.