Angels’ Heart Education Foundation is a progressive, innovative and forward thinking organization. Our learning approach integrates the best of international educational practices. Academic rigor at AHEF is complemented by a happy and vibrant school life.

We prepare our students for the opportunities and challenges of the modern, rapidly changing world. We aim to cultivate in them a strong sense of cultural identity, a passion for life and a commitment to make the world a better place.

Our students are purposeful, compassionate and globally minded, and strive for goals they willingly and confidently set for themselves. They develop strong motivation for learning and embrace a set of positive values and capabilities, ready to realize their potential and serve the community.

We are guided by:

Our Vision

To expand an educational world where children from heterogeneous community will have the knowledge and skill through quality education to face the challenges of technology supported modern education.

Our Mission

To develop, strengthen and deliver innovative education through a rigorous, well-rounded curriculum and extra-curricular activities that encourages cognitive, social, physical and emotional development.

Our Approach

A balanced and updated approach of improving quality and identifying best practices in quality education that inculcates the best of traditional values and modern development.

Teaching Environment

Outstanding teaching delivers outstanding students. The learner-centered approach is a hallmark that guides Angels’ Heart School. Quality teaching needs qualified teachers; the academic qualification, expertise and experience of our teachers are our major strengths. The academic experience at LAS combines inspirational and innovative teaching methods that actively encourage students to participate in every class and enriches teaching and learning in an environment that is sound academically.

The excellent team of teachers at Angels’ Heart:

  • Motivates students not only to learn, but teach them how to learn and do.
  • Bridges the gap between theory and practice.
  • Celebrates student and class is different.
  • Encourages students to excel and develop skills.
  • Nurtures and develops minds and talents


The cafeterias offer great wholesome delicious food. Each outlet serves you wholesome, healthy and hygienic meals. There are three cafeterias that offer options to suit different tastes. All the cafeterias comply to good hygienic food standards with dining areas that are clean and well ventilated.

  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Quality  standards of hygiene and sanitation
  • Clean drinking water and a limited number of healthy beverages

The cafeterias are regularly monitored by our Quality Control Team (QCT) to ensure that the food served in the cafeterias is fresh and healthy.


The library is the nook where students revel in the joys of reading. From academic research to classic novels, inspiring autobiographies on great personas and great lives, there is something to grab the interest of every book lover. Angels; Heart has a well-equipped spacious library that   presently boasts of an impressive updated collections of books from all genres.

We are passionate about reading and encourage students to go beyond the prescribed curriculum expand their horizons, have stronger analytical and critical skills. Libraries engage students in a world of ideas. With a host of books to suit the taste every book lover; reading is promoted ardently by Angels’ Heart.

School environment

A caring, supportive school environment influences the academic success of students. Angels’ Heart has a caring school community that is conducive to academic success. We take pride in offering an environment that encourages and nurtures students’ learning and growth, social, emotional, and ethical development.

A strong sense of community and a caring school climate ensures that there  is

  • Student engagement
  • A deep sense of belonging
  • The students develop social skills and understanding and care and are  contributors  to the school and the community
  • High levels of achievement and excellent performance

Sporting facilities

Education in Angels’ Heart is incomplete without Sports. Sports enhance confidence, self esteem and empowers. Students have won national and international acclaim in various   sporting events. We make sure that none of the students miss out the on wide ranging sports facilities and the plethora of activities and events.  The nation’s most wide ranging sports and recreation complex with premium facilities is one of the most important aspects of AHEF.

Various facilities:

  • Football, cricket, basketball, volleyball and swimming pool with life guards.
  • Provisions for indoor sports activities such as badminton, table tennis.
  • Internationally and nationally acclaimed coaches, instructors in various disciplines.