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Chairman Mr Lil Bahadur Pun


Our dream is to extend new ideas and promote lifelong knowledge to keep the society updated. We struggle for creating acongenial learning environment in which all the learners from around the society are frequently challenged and stimulated to do their paramount realizable work. Angels’ Heart, shrine of knowledge, has gained its reputation for creating an ideal community from where the students and scholars can peep into

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Angels’ Heart Education Foundation is one of the best academic hubs in Kathmandu, Nepal. It’s away from hustle and bustle chaotic environment. We provide an exceptionally caring and learning-focused environment for our students. Angels’ Heart Education Foundation aims to enhance students' awareness of their own cultural identity and heritage, whilst deepening their understanding and respect for other peoples, nations and cultures. Students learn to appreciate positive universal human values including responsibility, honesty, integrity, humility, commitment, perseverance, respect for others, compassion and valuing learning.

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Mission / Vision

Our Vision

To expand an educational world where children from heterogeneous community will have the knowledge and skill through quality education to face the challenges of technology supported modern education.

Our Mission

To develop, strengthen and deliver innovative education through a rigorous, well-rounded curriculum and extra-curricular activities that encourages cognitive, social, physical and emotional development.

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AHEF - At a Glance

Angels’ Heart Education Foundation is a progressive, innovative and forward thinking organization. Our learning approach integrates the best of international educational practices. Academic rigor at AHEF is complemented by a happy and vibrant school life.

We prepare our students for the opportunities and challenges of the modern, rapidly changing world. We aim to cultivate in them a strong sense of cultural identity, a passion for life and a commitment to make the world a better place.

Our students are purposeful, compassionate and globally minded, and strive for goals they willingly and confidently set for themselves. They develop strong motivation for learning and embrace a set of positive values and capabilities, ready to realize their potential and serve the community.



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Latest Articles

Library is a great place, where you can get extra knowledge.

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डराउँछु म मृत्युसित

जन्मेपछि मर्नुछ एक दिन तर, मृत्युसित डराउँछु म ।

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विद्यार्थीलाई पत्र

तिमी आफै पढ़दैनौ, तिमीलाई पढ भन्नु पर्छ ।  तिमी आफै सबेरै उठ्दैनौ,

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Latest News
Angels' Heart won 5th SCIBS Trophy

s every year, this year also Angels' Heart has won the 1st trophy of 5th SCIB

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Angels’ Heart won 1st Runner up Trophy

Golden Peak had organized the 8th Golden Peak Inter 

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अभिमुखीकरण कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न

आजको दिनमा यस शैक्षिक सत्र २०७६/७७ को लागि विभिन्न संकायमा भर्ना हुनु भएका

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